Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Yikes, what a day!  As you may know, I had my interview today and I LOVED the school I visited!  I was immediately overcome with a very welcoming feeling, mostly because the lobby was cozy and aesthetically catered to little children.  It had large oval Alphabet rug, bookshelves of picture books, and purple walls decorated with alligators holding books.  It was too cute and such a different feel from "my" school where I previously worked.  The principal seems absolutely fabulous- laid back, calm, and really just a nice guy.  My first impressions were fabulous, and I think I must have made a somewhat similar impression as well, because  when the principal led me on a tour, he introduced me to his staff by saying, "This is Colleen.  She is going to be on our substitute list."  Why haven't I been working there the past five years?!?! God, my life would be very different, I'm sure! Now, I just need to wait about a week for my references to be checked, and then I should receive a phone call with an invitation to complete a background check.  Yay!

I was so excited about the interview, I accidentally broke my California news on Facebook, without even realizing it.  My close friends and family members have been in the loop for months.  Most of my coworkers from my previous school have a good understanding as well, as California is the reason I gave for my resignation. Others, however, were shocked.  Lots of people commented with "Are you moving?" "When?" "Where in California?" "For how long?"  Ooops.  Just to reiterate, I am not moving, I am visiting for an extended period of time.  We will not sell the house.  Sam will not be transferred, he is just going on travel and I am joining in on the fun! We still don't know the dates of the trip or the length of the stay. We should find out in about a month, so for now we are still playing the waiting game...

Lately, as more and more people have been finding out about my resignation, I have been receiving many mixed reactions.  Some are very positive and others make me feel like I've been a disappointment by throwing away my income and making an illogical decision.  The negative reactions, or the ones that feel negative to me, have been tough, because I am already hard enough on myself.  I know everything those people are thinking, and trust me, I imagined those conclusions months ago.  Ultimately, it's my life and my decision to make with Sam.  I do know anyone who is concerned and questions my decision really just cares about my well-being, but still this is the first kind of "crazy" life-choice I've ever made...so could they get on the YOLO train with me just once

Thank you to all of my friends, family members, and coworkers who have been nothing but supportive and excited for me.  You guys keep me going with my head held high!  I love you!

XO <3, C

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