Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Always Remember

I am absolutely exhausted and don't really have any energy for blogging right now, but today is an important day, so I need to share a little something with you.

Today is September 11th.

Every year on this anniversary, the question always seems to be the same, "Where were you on September 11th?" 

I was in history class.  How fitting.  I remember my teacher lecturing, but I don't recall the topic.  Someone from another classroom stuck his head in to share the shocking news, but my teacher, feeling it was too outlandish to be true, dismissed the student and continued teaching.  Meanwhile, questions from us students grew. What really was going on?  

Shortly after, I switched to Spanish class, where I found out the student's news was reality.  Our teacher switched on the TV for us, and we all sat with our eyes glued to the screen for the entire hour and 20 minute block.  I remember later that morning walking down the steps of the cafeteria feeling confused and concerned, while other kids were in sheer  panic.  They were the kids with relatives in New York City.  The kids with parents who boarded flights out of Logan that morning.  Thankfully, I wasn't one of them.  We were dismissed early that day, and when I came home, I saw my dad watching the TV in disbelief.  After that all memories are fuzzy.

I think back to this day, and this time for our country.  I remember the awful footage I saw live on TV. I think about how many lives were taken or forever changed.  I feel incredibly blessed my family and friends weren't directly affected.  That really was a miracle. Even so, we ALL were indirectly affected.  All of us who were  old enough to understand what happened that day will tear up, feel a pit in our stomach, or a pain in our heart when we remember. Luckily, we are side-by-side and hand-in-hand in this together, and because of that we are resilient.  I'm sending so many loving thoughts to my friends and family tonight. Hug yours a little closer.

XO <3, C

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