Monday, September 9, 2013

Catchin' Up

Hey everyone!  I am feeling a little out of the loop with my own blog, if that is even possible!  I have missed writing over the past week or so.  We have a lot to catch up on.

First thing is first- the sub interview.  I finally received an e-mail today from my town's district inviting me in to do the fingerprinting and fill out paperwork for the background check!  Hooray!  After all of that is processed, I should be good to go, and will just need to wait for someone to be out sick...Sorry to whoever that may be! 

But wait...

there is more! I actually ended up having a second interview on Friday with a different district that is right around the corner and pays well!  I was psyched to have two interviews in one week, but dreaded having to get myself all nerved up again.  This interview also went well.  I didn't have that same immediate "love at first sight" feeling, but I would say I walked out feeling very positive.  My second interview was short and sweet, as the principal I met with said, "Well, you're a certified teacher with experience so I'm not going to bring you through the whole rigamarole of an interview.  I'm going to to ahead and approve you for everything".  He then introduced me to the school secretary and insisted I go to the *top* of the list since I am certified! Yay! He also told me that subbing at his school would be a great way to get my foot in the door in his district...Definitely food for thought. :)

Coincidentally, the principal I interviewed with actually knew my assistant principal from last year, who is now the current principal of my old school.  I knew she had been the curriculum coordinator of the town I interviewed with, but had no idea she actually worked with that principal in his particular building!  Always a small world! Now, I am waiting for my invitation to do the background check for this school district as well. I just love having my fingerprints taken... :-)

I am feeling really excited about starting to get myself back into a school setting.  I am so ready for this after the long summer break, and can't wait for the opportunity to work and interact with children again.  I really really REALLY am starting to go STIR CRAZY!

You know, I'm just remembering a part of the reason I started this blog was to document life as a newlywed, and so far I've kept that to myself.  This is partially because there hasn't been anything all that interesting to say, as the past few weeks have been consumed by my thoughts on school, processing my choice to leave, and how to feel now that the school year has begun.  I also haven't seen so much of Sam because he was working a crazy shift the other week, leaving me by myself much of the time. The truth is, though, all of this processing I've been doing has impacted him as well.  He is happy for me, and 100% is behind me, knowing this is the right decision, but he feels badly that I haven't had as much to do, that I've been lonely...and bored...and lonely...and as I said, STIR CRAZY!  I think it has been hard for him to see me feeling down.

On Friday, I planned a day trip for the two of us, so we could have a little family bonding time with the Dudley-boy, and try something different...that is also free!  We went to Halibut Point State Park in Rockport, Mass.  I first discovered this park when I was incredibly bored with mono.  One of the only things I found helped keep me sane was to research places I could visit once I was well again.  Anyway, if you're around the North Shore area, I highly suggest the park.  There are a few walking trails, one of which goes around an old granite quarry which was in use from 1840 to 1929.  The granite from this area was used for roads, monuments, and buildings, including The Customs House in Boston. Right behind the view of the quarry is the ocean, which you can also take trails to see.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  Sam and I had a great time, aside both of us feeling under the weather, and Mr. Duds had a fabulous time, beside the fact he was not allowed to swim in the quarry.  The Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Friendly's sundaes on the way home weren't all that bad either...

Thanks for catching up with me!

XO <3, C

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