Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Teachers Pay Teachers

Hello everyone!  As of now, I think most people who are keeping up with this blog happen to be friends.  Friends who aren't necessarily teachers.  Sorry friends, this post will be boring for you! If anyone out there is a teacher, however, you may find this useful!

I recently began my own Teachers Pay Teachers store called A Chocolate Dudley.  I'm really enjoying creating products for it so far!  It encourages me to be creative, productive, and stay in touch with education.  I finally finished my biggest TPT project so far.  I created a set of vocabulary posters for enVision MATH Grade 3 Topics 1-8.  They are bright, colorful, clear, and will make excellent visual aids in your classroom. Find them here .  I sure wish I had these last year while I was actually teaching enVision!  I typically used visual aids during my lessons, posting them on the whiteboard next to my daily math goals/objectives.  Afterwards, I moved posters and such over to a vocabulary bulletin board, entitled "Fab Math Vocab!"

 Here is a little preview of the posters.


XO <3, C

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