Monday, September 1, 2014

September Currently

I can't believe it's September already! I am so super excited for fall this year, which is kind of a new thing for me.  Usually I have a love/hate relationship with it. I LOVE warm fall weather, but hate the gray raw days of November. I love heading back to school, but hate the stress that it brings. I love looking forward to autumn activities, but dread the winter blues that pop up after the fall. This summer wasn't my favorite for a variety of reasons, mostly due to feeling quite sick for weeks on end, so this year I am welcoming September with OPEN ARMS!

Today I am linking up with Farley from Oh Boy 4th Grade for her "Currently" par-tay.

Listening ("Reckless", "The Bridge", "Mistresses")- Pretty obvious.  Those are my favorite summer shows! "Reckless", a cop/lawyer drama + romance, is new this year, and I'm really hoping it will be renewed!

Loving (warm days and cool nights)- Yup, I'm just ready for this fall! I would like to try out our new fire pit, a 1st anniversary gift from my brother, sometime very soon! S'mores, anyone?! I'm also really loving this September "Currently" template! I would so love to go camping this fall, as long as it's not too chilly.  My number one camping goal: spot a moose for the FIRST time (a wish I've had since I did my first report ever on moose in the 2nd Grade)!

Thinking (family and first grade)- I've spent a lot of time thinking about my family recently for so many reasons. I've realized that my "first baby" isn't really my little Dudley pup, but instead my little brother, who continues to melt my heart every single day. First Grade has also been on my mind a ton. Since I'm new to the grade, I've been reading a lot of First Grade blogs and researching First Grade literacy ideas/lessons on Pinterest. I'm wondering when I will be able to start planning for my small groups...eeek! :)

Wanting (OIL and a shower!)- Ummm...yeah...we ran out of oil AGAIN for the 2nd time this year. I suppose I should probably be held equally accountable for the household responsibility of ordering oil, but c'mon that's really Sam's job....!!! I'm really wanting a warm shower right abut now!

Needing (new fall clothes)- This is both unfortunate and fortunate! Love to SHOP, hate spending money!

3 Trips (Greece, Alaska, Switzerland)- Sadly, these are not 3 places I've traveled too, but instead 3 DREAM vacations. Sigh...

Happy September, everyone!

XO <3, C


  1. Hi!
    Found you in the link up. Fall couldn't be here sooner. I'm in San Diego (North of) and it's HOT! I am ready to break out my boots and jeans! Have a great day!
    Mrs. Bucaroff's Fantastic Fourth

  2. It seems a bunch of people want to hit up Alaska! I had it listed, too! Teacher blogger trip?? Haha!

    Real Teachers Learn


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