Friday, March 7, 2014

March & Moving On's March, and here I am still in New Hampshire.  I repeat, I am STILL in NH!  Everything about California completely fell through.  Everything.  After many  months of anticipation and freaking out with excitement, we were told the trip was CANCELLED.  I thought I'd be sitting here updating you with all of my road trip and SoCal adventures, but nevertheless, I am not, and instead I could talk about the freezing cold weather that will never leave...but I guess I won't do that either.

We found out this disappointing news ONE day before we were supposed to leave.  By that point, everything was pretty well set and planned.  All of the motels were booked, and I had detailed typed notes about each of the cities we were going to visit on our trek out West. I was so stunned when Sam told me the news that day after work.  For the first minute or so I stared blankly, until the news processed, and then I burst into tears.

This was supposed to be our big adventure before starting a family! This was my chance to live in a completely different place without the hassle or more permanent decision of moving. I was going to soak up the sun, EXPLORE, and visit with Kayla and Andrew.  The news broke my heart.

The first week after the blow was tough. Honestly, I was pretty depressed, and felt like there was nothing I could do to cheer myself up. Luckily, day-by-day life went back to normal.  I unpacked my suitcase.  I cancelled each motel.  We (or Jeff) ate our road trip snacks... And oh yeah- Sam and I booked tickets to St. John to visit his sis, Sophie, and Mom and I reserved tickets to Savannah...

Yup, thankfully the two loves of my life were ready to cheer me up with new adventures to look forward to!  Thanks, Sam and Mom!  I am really spoiled. :)

Keeping busy, trusting there must be a REASON our San Diego adventure was cancelled, and looking forward to two vacations has helped me move on. Lesson learned- Nothing in life is ever certain, but it's still important to take a chance.  I have no regrets leaving behind my past teaching position for SD, because it was the push I needed to make a change for many other reasons.

Now let's move forward to what is CURRENTLY going on.  I linked up to Farley's Oh Boy Fourth Grade Currently "party" again.

listening- Anything Could Happen and Best Day of My Life have helped to boost my spirits this past month.

loving- Downton Abbey!  I'm sad to say my DVR deleted nearly all of the episodes I had recorded, so I just HAD to go out and buy not only Season 2 but Season 3 as well. I couldn't even think about joining a waiting list at the library.  I am not that patient!

thinking- I was exhausted when I filled in the above chart last night.  I was up way too late working on a new TpT product.  I have been exhausted in general this whole week as I have been pushing myself to stay busy, workout, and be highly productive.  It's been a successful week!  Can't wait to continue planning my St. John and Savannah/Charleston vacations! This will be our 3rd time to St. John, so I'd like to experience new parts of the island and check out St. Thomas for the first time.  If I get my new passport back in time, I'm hoping we can ferry to the British Virgin Islands. I'd like to visit "The Baths" on Virgin Gorda.
Amazing, right? "The Baths" are huge boulders on the coastline that form small pools of water and caves. Love it!

wanting- WARM weather and spring! Enough.Said.

needing- I still need to head back to yoga. At least I've been doing well with "gyming it"!

????????- A dog, pearls, and Peppermint Patties is my ANSWER to my own secret question.  Can you guess what it is?  I'll let you know soon..


XO <3, C

PS One day, Sam and I will take that road trip I planned. The only difference- we won't be staying at Motel 6s. :)


  1. Hi Colleen, my name is Colleen too! I blog at The Rungs of Reading with my friend Stacy! We live in MA and are also certainly "wanting" spring!!! Jealous of all your warm and sunny vacation plans <3

  2. Loved reading your post! So sorry that the plans for your move were disrupted. I live in South Florida, and believe me, the warm sunshine will be heading your way soon! :)


  3. Thank you for commenting on my blog, ladies! Debbie, I can't wait for your warm weather to arrive! :)



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