Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wish List Wednesday!

Happy Wish List Wednesday, y'all! (I think blogging makes me a wanna-be southerner)!


Miss Rebecca Reid is hosting a Wish List Wednesday linky party on her blog, Line upon Line Learning, so I thought I might as well jump on the linky bandwagon and give it a try. :-)

I'm feeling a bit funny about writing a wish list right now, because I should be creating a list of everything I am grateful for instead.  Oh well, Christmas is right around the corner, and with that comes BLACK FRIDAY, CYBER MONDAY, shopping 'til you're dropping, and holiday wish lists!  That also means something to TpTers...A SALE!  I am excited to finally announce TpT will be hosting a sale on Monday, December 2nd and Tuesday, December 3rd!  All products made by A Chocolate Dudley will be on sale for a total of 28% off, including my newest product, Help Wanted at the North Pole! I must must MUST do a separate blog post about this Creative Writing Letter of Interest Project & Craftivity ASAP!   (Just an FYI to buyers, you will see my store's sale price set as 20% off, but upon entering the promo code, CYBER, your discount will be increased to 28%).



Now that the big TpT sale is coming up, there are a few (okay, many) products I'd like to go ahead and purchase.  Check out my TpT and Christmas Wish List below.  I'll try to control myself and be reasonable. :)

1. Game Boards Galore by Krista Wallden- I'd love to start making boardgames for math fact practice!
2. Money Digital Stamps Set by Ginger Snaps Clip Art- Isn't her style too cute? I just KNOW I'll need this soon!

3. 3rd Grade Common Core Writing Rubrics by Katie Leseman- I may not need these at the moment, but I'd sure love to have them in the future!  They look easy to use and very detailed.  Great idea!

4. Britt Trapper Minnetonka Moccasins- I am in desperate need of some new slippers as mine are dirty, falling apart, and now have kitchen paint splattered across them.  I love this pair of cinnamon moccasins at Famous Footwear, but have seen a similar style by Minnetonka in a sparkly charcoal color at Macy's that are also cute.  

5. Wool Blend Toggle Sweater Jacket by The Loft- I tried this on the other night, when I was supposed to be Christmas shopping for other people...oops!  It felt incredibly warm, which is exactly what I NEED! Mom, I think I am an XS...hehehe.

6. This one is a biggie.  A new LAPTOP & PRINTER- I don't have pictures this time, because I'm not exactly sure which brands & models I'd like to go for.  My laptop is falling apart, literally.  A couple weeks ago, the plastic piece above the function keys started to pop up because the screws holding it in place are completely worn out.  Now, each time I tilt my screen, the plastic pops up and down. Aside from that, my computer has been slower than ever.  Especially PowerPoint, which is the program I mainly use nowadays as I'm creating TpT products.  My computer constantly overheats, and always shuts down a few minutes into any sort of video.  The keyboard mouse no longer works, and the battery is completely dead, so my laptop must always be plugged in.  The power cord is fraying, and I honestly am afraid it will set fire to my computer, even though Sam insists it could never produce enough heat.  As far as my printer goes, the print quality has decreased drastically over the MANY years I have owned it.  Both pieces have lasted quite a while, and I am thankful they have held up for so long! Thanks for letting me vent about my technology issues.

7.  My biggest wish of all is for my family, friends, and all of their loved ones to have a safe, healthy, and happy 2014.  I love you all so much!

Now, Fabulous Friends, Family & Followers, what is on YOUR WISH LIST this year? 

Happy Beginning of the Holiday Season, everyone!  Enjoy your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping!

XO <3, C


  1. Slow computers are so annoying! I hope you get what you want. :) I love the money clip art. Too cute!


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