Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My First Day

What a weird day.

As I mentioned in my previous post, today would have been the First Day of School.  Instead, it was my First Day of I-Should-Be-Working-But-I-Don't-Have-a-Job! Hey, that can be a good thing though!  I have to say it was really nice to continue with my summer schedule (aka lots of sleeping in).  When I woke up, I immediately went on Facebook, which is how I usually start my day (unfortunately).  Of course, I was scrolling through my News Feed to see any Back to School posts, and I had to "like" all of them so I could be with everyone in spirit.  This morning activity ended with crying.

Later on, Sam (my husband) and I went for a quick drive to look at a house that is for sale...I'm not sure exactly why he wanted to look at it?!  (Is he really thinking about moving when I have zero income, and we are suffering the consequences of funding the wedding...oh yeah, and not to mention we are getting ready to go to California?!) On our way to the house, we passed by an elementary school. A young blonde teacher led a line of children outside and into the back of the schoolyard.  My eyes almost popped out of my head!  I couldn't keep from staring!  It just looked!

The beginning of the school year is my favorite time of  year.  Yes, it sucks that vacation is over and that the summer weather is fading.  And yes, it really sucks that the beginning of the year is INSANELY stressful to the point of usually causing tension headaches (for me at least). BUT it's also a time of excitement and new hopes and dreams. I love starting off with a blank slate and a fresh classroom.  Everything is in its place and looks beautiful.  The kids come in wearing fancy First Day outfits and colorful backpacks, and bring tons of brand new school supplies (a teacher's dream)!  You feel so inspired and hopeful that you will be able to reach every single student, forming them into someone who loves learning and life.  You're excited to try all of the new ideas you found on Pinterest or from your professional development.  Sigh, it's just fabulous.  Plus, those getting-to-know-you icebreakers aren't too bad either. I couldn't help thinking about how lucky that young teacher was as she brought her class outside, probably to do some fun hands-on or motor activity.

Later on in my day, I just felt kind of depressed.  It's really weird to be home alone all day while Sam and everybody else on the planet is at work.  I ended up watching The Middle for the first time, and I have to say it cheered me up!  It was pretty hysterical!

Afterwards, I was pretty productive.  To force myself off the couch, I decided to set a timer for myself for 1 hour.  My rule was I was going to clean and organize the house for 1 hour straight with no electronics!  No computer, phone, or TV.  Haha, it's like I'm parenting myself!  I really was able to accomplish quite a bit.  I reorganized my upstairs bathroom so I could make use of the new cabinet I bought the other day at HomeGoods.  I have to say, I think it looks pretty fabulous!  I also made use of 2 of the many Mason Jars I now have acquired (thank you to my wedding).  Those things really come in handy and they are so cheap!  I find them everywhere, but so far I have noticed Christmas Tree Shops has the best price.  I used them in my bathroom to hold Band-Aids and Q-tips.  They are definitely a good organizational tool!  Here is the result:


At this point I feel like I may be rambling so I'm going to say goodbye for now.  I'd like to end on a positive note... 

XO <3, C

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